expense Management
Expense management system
The Expense Management System is developed to maintain the budget of your company. Enable you to pre-set your yearly budget. You can plan your activity according to your budget. So it balance your expenses and funds. At the end of the year it report you with the expenses done.
It is running successfully in LG.
LG India

Benefits to the Company

We can set advance budget for the year.
In ARC we can add item and set their price and date till the price is valid.
If price of Items is renewed, the history of the old rates of the item is also mentained.
We can create BOQ taking multiple items.
Create ARR with unique ARR number, in which you can add items and also BOQ.
We can manage our budget according in a efficient manner.

Features Explore

Fast and responsive user interface to use.
We can create multiple users and grant/deny them for activity.
All the item and ARR creatd by the users, automatic goes to admin for final approval.
Generates reports and automatic send Email alert when a plan going to expire.
User Oracle as database that provide high security.

Development process
Development Process

Phase 1: Planning

1. Idea Generation

Know your idea what you think of. We think on it, discuss its future use and its targeted audience.

2. Choose a platform

Think which platform will benifit the application most?
Windows, Android, IOS or Desktop Application?

3. Design Prototype

Next essential steps in the turning your idea into a design prototype which is simply defined and have a three-dimensional version of your vision.

Phase 2: Development

1. Customer Development

Test the design with potential users to get feedback. It is far cheaper and faster to change things around now than later

2. Modify Design

Decide what feedback is important and change your design accordingly. Keep doing customer development untill we are satisfied.

3. Finalize Design

Pixel Perfection! Now Isn't that pretty?

4. Software Development

Get used to starting at the selected platform, clean and optimized code will win the race.

5. Testing

Internal testing is important, we make sure using a testing tool to help us to squesh little nesty bugs.

Phase 3: Marketing and Distribution

1. Marketing

Without marketing, We may need a pair of binoculars to find our app.

2. Prepare app for release

Finalize code, design and marketing for the app release. We make sure to test your app thoroughly!

3. Cross your finger

Untill the app does not satisfy our customer, we monitor the crash report and user feedback carefully.

4. App Maintenance

A good app developer releases updates that fix bugs and crashes, that what we do.
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